Terms & Conditions


1. Any gifts or payments sent to me are strictly non-refundable. This applies to giftcards, direct payments/tributes, payments/tributes submitted through third party sites, and any other form of gift or payment sent to me. No exceptions.

1a. When applicable, I do offer cashouts in premade content. This may occur if I become unable to fulfill your order after payment has already been provided. Cashouts are given at my sole discretion, and only as a result of my decision to not go through with/continue a session or order when you have done no wrong. When this happens, I will send you any of my premade content of your choosing that is of equal value to your payment.

1b. In the event that you engage in any inappropriate or abusive behavior, our agreement will be terminated and anything you have sent will be forfeited. Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to: Harassment, disrespect, timewasting, soliciting services I do not offer, crossing lines I have explicitly set with you, or attempting to argue or circumvent my terms & conditions. I do not tolerate mistreatment.

2. Gifts are not exchangeable for goods or services. If you choose to send me anything outside of an explicit agreement made between us, it may not be used as or towards payment of any orders or sessions. This includes attempting to send anything, in any form prior to me confirming your order/request and providing specific payment instructions.

3. Under no circumstances will my sessions or content include any of the following: Anal/Genital/Oral Penetration*, Bestiality, Couple/Group Scenes, Incest Role Play, Intox*, Mutilation/Permanent Damage, Real Blackmail, Smoking (I quit)*, Squirting, Stuffing/Fisting*, Submission*, Toilet Play (scat/piss)*, or Underage Role Play.
* I will not engage in starred acts myself, but have no problem making you do them.


1. A session is booked only once it has been discussed, agreed to, and paid for. Be ready to provide payment as soon as details of your request are confirmed, or you may lose your requested time slot. If you are slow to send payment and your requested slot gets booked by someone/something else, you will have 24 hours to reschedule, or your payment is forfeit.

Example: If you receive payment instructions at 12pm for a 5pm session and don’t send payment until 4:30pm, chances are the 5pm slot will no longer be available.

2. If you cancel a session at least 2 hours in advance, your payment is good for 7 days from the date your original session was booked. If you do not successfully re-book within that time frame, your payment is void and you will have to pay again to book another session. Contacting me last-minute to ask if I’m available right now or in the very near future is not considered a valid attempt to re-book.

3. If I am unavailable within the 7 day time frame due to being out of town or being ill, your time limit will be extended by the number of days I am gone.

Example: if you cancel, and I’m away for 3 days within the 7 day time frame, I’ll extend it to 10 days.

4. If you are a no-show, or cancel with less than 2 hours warning, your time will be forfeited, and you will need to pay again if you want to book a new session.

5. If I cancel a session, you will be have the option to reschedule within the next 14 days. If you do not reschedule before the 14 day period is over, I will cash you out in premade video content. Contacting me last-minute to ask if I’m available “right now” or in the very near future is not considered a valid attempt to re-book.

6. If you are in any way rude, disrespectful, or do not adhere to my policies, either before or during our session, I will give you one warning. If you continue to behave inappropriately, our session will be terminated immediately and your payment will be forfeited.

7. Minutes do not roll over. If you choose to leave the session early, you forfeit whatever time is left. If you are late for the session (by up to 10 minutes – after that, it is considered a no-show), you forfeit whatever amount of time you are late by.

8. Skype/Kik/Discord ID access is for paid sessions only. Do not contact me on these platforms outside of a paid session unless we have sessioned before, and it is to purchase another one from me. Anyone who attempts to abuse their access to my IDs will be blocked.

Custom & Premade Videos

1. Turnaround Times on custom content are estimates only. If I am going to take longer than initially estimated to get your video to you, I will notify you before the original ETA is up. I do not give discounts or extras for videos with extended turnaround times. Rush fees are very occasionally considered for people who are interested in getting their video within a shorter time frame.

2. I own the full rights to all of my content. All of my content is my property. When you purchase my video content, you purchase the right to view it privately. This includes all exclusive custom content. Under no circumstances may you share, sell, alter, or otherwise use my work outside of its intended use without my explicit permission.

3. Custom video lengths are never the exact number of minutes ordered. It is nearly impossible to record a 10 minute custom to be exactly 10 minutes and zero seconds once it’s done. More often than not, I record enough extra that final clips are longer than requested after being edited. However, sometimes I have to trim enough that they end up being slightly shorter. I do not offer special treatment or compensation for clips that come up a little short.

4. Personal and Personal + Scripted content is only exclusive in full. While I will not share or sell full Personal or Personal + Scripted custom content, I may use screenshots or snippets in compilation clips and/or for self-promotional purposes. None of the screenshots or snippets I use from Personal or Personal + Scripted customs will ever reveal your name or any other identifying information.

5. If you are in any way rude, disrespectful, or do not adhere to my policies prior to your custom order being fulfilled, your order will be terminated and your payment will be forfeited.

Physical Fetish Items

1. I am not liable for lost, stolen or damaged packages. You will receive a photo of your package to confirm that the address is written correctly before taking it to the post office. Once the package has been sent, it is no longer my responsibility. For personal safety reasons, I do not offer tracking.

2. All sales are final. If you choose to cancel your order before it has been shipped to you, you will be cashed out in premade content, minus a 25% cancellation fee. I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or discounts.

4. If you are in any way rude, disrespectful, or do not adhere to my policies prior to your custom order being fulfilled, your order will be terminated and your payment will be forfeited.

3 Days of Spoils

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Mistress Experiences

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