Spoil Me

Spoil Me

Pay my bills, fund my shopping sprees, and pad my savings account.

Save the Date

Want an excuse to be EXTRA generous?
Mark these dates on your calendar so you know when to spoil me the most.

February 14: Valentine’s Day
March 8: International Women’s Day
March 26: My Boobieversary
April 16: My Birthday
May 02: My Industry Anniversary
July 24: International BDSM Day
December 25: Christmas
Every Fucking Day: Because You Worship Me

Buy Me Gifts on Throne

There’s something about sending me gifts that just… Makes your prick tingle, doesn’t it?

Whether it’s funding my shoe collection or keeping my vitamin supply well-stocked, spoiling me is always rewarding.

My pets can even compete to be my most generous gifter on Throne’s leaderboard! There’s only room for one pet to carry that title… Will it be you?

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