How to Serve Me for Free

I often have slaves seeking to serve me, but without the ability to financially commit to anything. This can be tough to deal with, because as much as I would love to dedicate my time to any/every pet who’s willing to bow to me, I simply can’t. At the end of the day, it’s the subs that pay who get my attention.

While I do not dedicate my time to dominating non-paying subs, that doesn’t mean I will refuse their servitude. There are plenty of things subs can do for me that don’t involve spending money, and can provide them with the satisfaction of pleasing me. To be clear: These are not tasks you do in exchange for anything from me. They are things you do to satisfy your desire to serve me. I do not dedicate my time to non-paying subs.

If you wish to be one of my slaves, but cannot afford to pay for any sort of interactive arrangement, here are some ideas of things you can do to serve me without opening your wallet:

1. Follow/friend me on social media

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, and Pornhub. Having more followers is never a bad thing for me.

2. Spread the Word

Re-tweet, like, and share my posts. Know a promo account on Instagram that may want to post one of my pics? Message them! Know a subreddit that would really like one of my PornHub videos? Post the link!

3. Make your own posts about me

If you’re brave, post pics of yourself with my name on your chest, a dildo up your ass, or something else kinky, and tag me in it! Tell the world how much you ache to keep me happy. If posting pics of yourself is too bold, post poems, or links to wishlist items you think others should buy for me. Get creative!

4. Find my content online

It’s not uncommon for people to buy my videos and then post them publicly without my permission. If you find something posted for free by someone who is not me, send me the link so I can file a DMCA takedown notice.

5. Be an online slut for hire

While this one technically does involve money, it’s not coming out of your pocket! Just let people know that if they want to play with you on cam, they have to pay me first. I’ll take every penny, but it won’t cost you a dime.

6. Vote for me

– Give me your votes on Votes are free to give, and each one gets me $0.10 to use towards wishlist items. It may not be much, but it adds up!

– Give me your votes on YouKandy’s Model of the Month competition. I get 1 vote per “Guest” vote, and 2 votes per voter who registers on the site too. You can vote multiple times per month, every month!

Of course, if I’m in any other competition of some sort, you should vote for me in that, too! I always do my best to blog about any contests I’m in, so check back regularly.

Now, show me what a good slave you are.