September Update: 7DoS, Moving, & More


I’ve got lots to share with you today, including some rather time-sensitive opportunities for you to indulge.
The first thing you should know, is that…


While my official move date is October 1st, I will be busy adding fresh paint
and doing light renos to the new place before moving in.

So, what does this mean for my pets?

🚫 No full-length custom clips can be filmed until after I move, as my current space is not suitable for for filming due both to the move itself, and due to the reasons that prompted the move. 7DoS minis and other event-exclusive offers are still available during September’s 7DoS event, which we’re currently almost halfway through!

✅ Opportunities to ingrain yourself more deeply into my world. After all, with a new home comes new things, and why would I pay for these things myself when you can do it for me? Just imagine your Demoness thinking of you every time I look at the gorgeous walls you bought the paint for… Or perhaps you’ll come to mind when I shower, thanks to the new bathroom storage units you’ll be investing in for me. Of course, no matter what shape your contributions take, what matters most is how much they’ll please me. Peep my private housewarming wishlist here, or message me on SP to ask what else you can send for.

🚫 Sessions will be limited and prioritized by pet. Regulars get dibs over newbies, though I may be incentivized to make an exception. 💸

✅ Enjoy more of me once I’m settled in! My current home has become a roadblock to much of my work this past year, and I am very excited to rebuild in an environment that is more conducive to the kind of presence I want to share with my pets.

And as I mentioned…

7 Days of Spoils is already well underway for the month of September! For those of you who haven’t heard yet, 7DoS is an event I run the first week of each month for my pets on SextPanther and AVN Stars.

During 7DoS, pets are provided with exclusive offers (such as mini custom clips & wheel spins), and opportunities to earn exclusive rewards & titles! If you’ve been squirming at the thought of giving in to me, now is the time to do so.

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