New year, new setup.

Listen up, pets. The times, they are a-changin’.

As of January 1st, 2022, I will no longer be able to accept payments of any kind on AVN Stars, and as such, I am shifting my focus to other sites. This is not the first time I’ve changed which sites I use/prioritize, and I doubt it will be the last.

Lucky for you, I’ve made it stupid simple for you to keep up:

Aching to indulge in my clips? Go to

Desperate for my attention?

Eager to spoil me?

The above URLs will always direct you to my preferred platforms for clip store content, texting, and tributes – whatever they may be at the time.

For subscription content, the links below will take you where I want you to go as long as I choose to use these sites:

Wish to subscribe to your Goddess?

This is my basic subscription page on LoyalFans, which includes full-length clips and special subscriber offers.

Dedicated to proving yourself to me?

This is where I have moved my former AVN Stars Promo Pets group. It contains everything my LoyalFans page does, plus a large portion of my AVN Stars subscription content archive. Most importantly, it includes resources and info for pets who truly wish to dedicate themselves to serving me, and is where I will be issuing tasks focusing on that.

More info on subscription pages here.

For everything else, will always hold the resources and information you need to continue indulging in your addiction to me.

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