Happy Birthday To Me!

While my birthday is on April 16th, I’m much too significant to be celebrated for merely one day. That’s why we’ll be celebrating all month long!

I’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to please me this birthmonth, as well as opportunities for your devotion and generosity to be rewarded!

What can you do to celebrate my birthday?

Indulge in my Bday Clips
New bday clips added April 9th, 16th, & 18th when I get to them!

Publicly proclaim your adoration for me
(while doing the above 4 things)

How might you be rewarded?

I’ll be keeping track of how generous my pets are between LoyalFans (content/session purchases + gift tributes), Throne gifts, and giftcards throughout the month of April.

The pet who spends & sends the most between April 1st at 12:00am EST and April 30th at 11:59pm EST gets to choose one of two prizes:

A 20 minute
Basic custom clip

This is currently the ONLY WAY to get a custom, as I’m not accepting new orders at this time.

A filthy fetish package

🤍 1 pair of fragrant socks (3 days wear)
🤍 1 pair of juicy panties (3 days wear)
🤍 A vial of my delicious spit
🤍 15 digital photos
🤍 A photo print with a hand-written note, lipstick kiss, & spritz of my favourite perfume on the back.

If it’s a tight race, the runner-up might be rewarded with whichever prize is not claimed by the winner.

I look forward to seeing how far you go to please me this month, pet. 🤍