7 Days of Spoils

3 Days of Spoils


3 Days of Spoils (3DoS)
is a monthly event
in which subscribers can
access special offers,
and compete for
juicy rewards!


The first weekend of every month
from Friday at 12am EST
to Sunday at 11:59pm EST
plus the odd BONUS event for special occasions.
I will be hosting 3DoS
exclusively on LoyalFans!

Exclusive Offers

These offers are available
ONLY through LoyalFans,
and ONLY during 3DoS*!

*unless you are also a member of my Cult of Worship.

1. Mini Customs

Starting at $100

2. Wheel Spins

Starting at $25

Exclusive Rewards

At the end of each event,
two lucky pets will be rewarded
with physical fetish items
from Yours Truly.

One reward will go to

my biggest spender,

and the second reward
will go to

the winner of
my event raffle!

Exclusive Offer #1:
Mini Customs

Casual, simple custom clips
shot on my phone.

🤍 3-5 minutes long
🤍 ~1 week TAT
(regular customs have a 2-3 week tat)
🤍 Casually dressed
(no makeup/wardrobe requests)

$50 for a mini custom
I can share/resell

(won’t say your name)

$100 for a mini custom
made for your eyes only

(will say your name)

Exclusive Offer #2:
Cruel Cock Rates

Filmed on my webcam
while I look at your pics on my phone.

🤍 3-5 minutes long
🤍 ~1 week TAT
(regular customs have a 2-3 week tat)
🤍 Casually dressed
(no makeup/wardrobe requests)

$50 for cock rates
I can share/resell

(won’t say your name or show your pics)

$100 for cock rates
made for your eyes only

(will say your name & show your pics)

Exclusive Offer #3:
Wheel Spins

Put your fate in my hands.

Pick a themed wheel:

🤍 JOI 🤍 Findom 🤍 Sissy 🤍
CBT 🤍 Orgasm Control
🤍 Anything Goes 🤍

$25 per spin

on one of the above wheels

$75 for custom wheel

+ first spin

You’ll receive a video of me spinning your wheel and revealing your fate.

Exclusive Reward #1:
Biggest Spender

The first reward is for the pet
who earns the title of

Miss Faith Rae’s
Biggest Spender!

My Biggest Spender gets the following rewards:

🤍 First pick of the two physical items being offered as event rewards
🤍 free access to all clipstore content released that month!

Public acknowledgement + bragging rights are also available if desired. ;)

Exclusive Reward #2:
Raffle Prize

Once my Biggest Spender
has chosen their reward,
the physical item they
did not pick will then be

Raffled off!

All pets who spend at least
$25 during the event
will automatically be
entered into the raffle.
Each $5 spent counts
as one raffle entry
(so the first $25 spent is 5 entries).

More Information

🤍 Biggest Spender & raffle entries are based on the total amount spent on me on SextPanther during 7DoS.

🤍 If my Biggest Spender and/or
raffle winner can’t receive
physical items, alternative rewards will be offered privately.

🤍 Biggest Spenders are not entered in the raffle during the week(s)
they win the Biggest Spender title.

🤍 If you want to know what position you’re in for the Biggest Spender
title during 7DoS, a $50 tribute is required for me to check for you.

Let the fun begin!

Unlike other privileges I offer, I do not have formal order forms for 7DoS exclusives!

Text me at SextPanther during 7DoS to get in on the fun!*

*All standard terms & conditions apply.